Welcome to LEMONETTE®: the first line of exclusively lemon-based salad dressings and marinades where we celebrate the versatility of the lemon as the foundation for a variety of flavors. 

LEMONETTE® started in the kitchen of a young, newlywed couple. They enjoyed cooking. Tenny made all of the side dishes, while Rojeh was the grillmaster. Their efforts intersected when it came time to create the sauces for their multi-course feast. Every sauce, every flavor always started with the same foundation: the almighty lemon.  From dressing their salads and creating Mediterranean side dishes to marinating & grilling seafood, poultry, fruits/veggies to topping pasta dishes, the couple’s entire repertoire of sauces was lemon-based.

Before they knew it, they went from entertaining friends to catering community events, because word had spread about their lemon-based sauces. Even young children who would resist eating their greens or seafood were eager to consume any food that was dressed with or marinated in LEMONETTE®. So Tenny decided to bottle it and share it with the world.

Meanwhile, Frank, an 89 year old Hollywood producer, would have lunch at his office and drench his salad in LEMONETTE® every day. He loved the lemony taste and couldn’t get enough of it. He put LEMONETTE® on his salad, sushi, pastrami, rice, chicken- you name it! Frank liked it so much he wanted to be part of the excitement, so his daughter, Jehan, joined forces with Tenny. 

Today, LEMONETTE® is a two family, women-owned and operated business.

We are excited to share our products with you and celebrate our love of lemons together!

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