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Sesame Tahini

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Why is tahini so magical? The ground, toasted sesame seed butter adds a creamy, nutty, smooth, and luxurious flavor to any food that crosses its path. Tahini is the star of this dressing, perfect for green salads, coleslaw, noodle salads, stews, chickpea salads, and more!

  • LEMONETTE® contains NO Sugar, NO Vinegar, NO GMO’s, NO Gluten, NO Soy, NO Dairy, NO Artificial Colors, NO Artificial Preservatives, NO MSG, and NO Cholesterol. With so many NO’s….it’s a definite YES!
  • Compatible with Keto, Mediterranean, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Plant-Based, Diabetic, and Other Popular Diets and Lifestyles
  • Thoughtfully crafted in small batches in California with ingredients you can pronounce
  • A savory and wholesome alternative to vinegar, cream, or soy-based dressings
  • Versatile as a salad dressing on cold salads or as a marinade for grilling/cooking or finishing sauce
  • ONLY 50 Calories per serving
  • We donate a portion of our proceeds to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer

Water, Tahini (Ground Sesame Seed), Lemon Juice Concentrate, Garlic, Salt, Spices, and Sesame Seeds.

Allergens: Contains Sesame Seed

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