Sweet Rye Berry Salad

Sesame Tahini

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Enjoy this hearty, fiber-rich creation on its own or as a side dish. Perfect for a rainy day!

Raw cashews, 1 cup
Brown sugar, ½ cup
Pumpkin pie spice
Water, 1-2 tablespoons
Rye Berries, cooked, 3 cups
Persimmons, 4 whole, chopped
Orca Beans, cooked, 3 cups
Currants, 1 cup
LEMONETTE® Zesty Cumin Dressing

In a small, nonstick skillet, combine the sugar, a big pinch of salt, an equally big pinch of pumpkin pie spice, and the water.
Heat on low until the mixture combines and bubbles.
Add the cashews and cover the nuts in the glaze.
Spread out on parchment paper and let the candied cashews cool down before breaking into pieces.
Cook the rye berries according to package directions.
Add all the remaining ingredients, including the cooled cashews.

Toss with LEMONETTE® Cumin Dressing to taste and enjoy!

(Recipe and photo courtesy of food blogger extraordinaire, Lynn Chen, at The Actors Diet.)

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