Sesame Tahini

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No limes in your fridge? No problem. Whip up this creamy, garlicky, undeniably scrumptious guacamole in minutes. Whether you slather it all over toast, or scoop it up with tortilla chips, this crowd pleaser is always on the menu.

Avocados, 2 medium and ripe
Grape tomatoes, ½ cup, diced
Red onions, ½ cup, minced
Cilantro, 2 tablespoons, finely chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
LEMONETTE® Lemon-Garlic Dressing
Optional: Jalapeno pepper, 1 teaspoon, minced

Wash, dry, and halve the avocadoes lengthwise. To remove the pit from each avocado, tap a sharp chef’s knife into the pit. Twist the knife gently to dislodge the pit. Then, lift and remove the pit. Once the pits are both out, scoop out the avocadoes from both halves into a mixing bowl. Mash to your desired consistency, chunky or smooth. The longer you mash, the smoother it becomes.

Add in remaining ingredients.

Add salt, pepper, and LEMONETTE® Lemon-Garlic Dressing to taste.