Apple-Celery Stuffing

Celery-apple Stuffing

Zesty Cumin

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Our Zesty Cumin dressing is so versatile that you can even use it to make this tangy stuffing any time of the year. A vegan favorite, substituting butter with vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil (e.g. olive, grapeseed, canola) OR butter, 1 stick (for non-vegans)
Celery, chopped, 2 cups
Onion, 1 large, chopped
Crisp apples, 2 large (e.g. Pink Lady), diced and unpeeled
Salt & pepper to taste
Bay leaves, 2
Crushed oregano to taste
Crusty bread, 1 large loaf (e.g. ciabatta), cubed
Pumpkin seeds, 1/2 cup
LEMONETTE® Zesty Cumin Dressing, 2 cups

Heat up the oil in a skillet. (For non-vegans, melt the butter in the skillet.)

Add in and sautee’ the celery, onions, bay leaves, crushed oregano, salt, pepper, and apples until soft.

Add pumpkin seeds, cubed crusty bread, 2 cups of LEMONETTE® Zesty Cumin Dressing and stir to absorb all of the flavors.

Pour the entire mixture into a casserole dish.

Roast the mixture at 375 degrees for 30 minutes. (For non-vegans, you can stuff the mixture inside the cavity of the turkey and let it cook together.)